Cats are furry friends packed with peculiar personalities that humans love. One of the quirks of cats is that they often drink less water than necessary. A lack of water can lead to constipation, lower urinary tract disease, urinary blockages, and kidneys that do not properly eliminate toxins. Because of the possibility of detrimental health outcomes, you must find clever ways to encourage your cat to drink more water. Below Cat in a Flat lists some creative ways to encourage your cat to drink more water.

How can I make my cat drink more water?

Change your cats water daily

Just as feeding your cat is a daily ritual, make changing the water a daily habit. Cats have a very sensitive smell and taste, and water that is not freshly changed may be unappealing. Simply changing the water bowl each day can increase the likelihood of your cat drinking the water.

Change the cat water bowl to encourage drinking

Cats need a wide, shallow water bowl because anything different will disturb their sensitive whiskers. Plastic can distort the flavor of water and release chemicals into the hydration source. Opt for a ceramic or glass bowl to provide your kitty with a refreshing drink.

Get a water fountain for your cat

Many cats will not drink from a still bowl of water because of the evolutionary implications. Non-moving water is more likely to be contaminated with bacteria than moving water is. As a means of survival, cats learn that moving water sources are ideal for consumption. A way to make water more appealing is by presenting it in a water fountain.

Leave the faucet running

It is no secret that cats enjoy running water more than still water. With that in mind, your sink can provide your cat with a source of water. Many cats gravitate toward the cool running water of a faucet, and they will seek hydration throughout the day.

As you go about your day, after doing the dishes or getting yourself a glass, put your cat on the counter and let them have a few laps of running water. Just be sure to turn it off before you leave, to avoid waste.

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Make tuna water for your cat

Each time you consume tuna packed in water presents an excellent time to hydrate your cat. Cats go crazy for tuna, but veterinarians warn against feeding felines the salty, canned treat. Dilute a little bit of the water from tuna packed in water (not oil) with water and feed it to your cat. Your cat will go crazy for the tuna water and get extra hydration as well.

Tip: On hot days, why not make your cat some Tuna Catsicles!

Separate the water from cat litter and food

A common mistake of new pet owners is to place the water near the food and/litter. Food and water bowls must be in a location far from the litter box because cats do not want to eat where they use the litter box.

Another suggestion to try is to separate your cat’s food and water bowls to increase the odds that the cat will consume from the water bowl. It’s programmed into a cat’s genetic memory, so to speak, to avoid contaminating a water source with food particles.

Have multiple cat water bowls

Cats are quirky animals who may dislike a water bowl because of the color, material, or shape. Place multiple water bowls around the house and offer your cat multiple places to get hydration. This simple task will increase the odds that your cat drinks water throughout the day.

Choose canned food for your cat

Canned food gives cats the chance to hydrate and consume calories. Dry cat food does not have the moisture cats need to survive and thrive. Increasing the amount of canned food that a cat consumes can instantly add moisture to your cat’s diet. If your cat only eats dry food, slowly introduce wet food to your cat’s daily feeding routine; your cat’s health will benefit.

You can also add a bit of water to the canned food to hydrate your feline even further. This is especially a good technique for younger cats, as you can get them used to this from the get go.

Hydrating Your Cat

To promote the adequate consumption of water, cat owners should use creative ways to make water more appealing. Cat owners should also be sure that the current hydration methods are not deterring the cat from drinking water. Water should be kept away from litter and food and changed daily. Cats should consume wet food each day as a method of hydration.

Many cats live without the hydration necessary, and there are long-term health implications, like constipation and lower urinary tract disease. A hydrated cat is a happy and healthy cat.