Welcoming your new fur baby into your home is one of the most exciting things that can ever happen to you, but through all the “oohing and ahhing” it’s important to remember how daunting it can be for a kitten leaving his kitty-momma and familiar surroundings for the first time.

Your first few weeks together will define your entire relationship and is crucial in shaping your kitties behaviour into adulthood, so make every effort to make sure it’s a positive experience.

“Good, early socialisation leads to friendly, well-adjusted adult cats” says PDSA

There is lots of great advice out there – Here’s our starter ‘kit’ with best pet homecare advice on how to welcome a kitten, or any new cat, into your kitty furrr-iendly home.

1. Be Prepared,

Make sure you have everything you need – do you have a suitable litter tray, cosy bed, carry basket, kitten pen, the correct food, toys, cat flap? For more advice have a read here.

2. Create a kitten schedule

Create a schedule with your family or partner to make sure that there’s always somebody at home for the first couple of weeks. No spooky nights alone, please!

3. Create some favourite places.

For a cosy place, think comfortable and secluded, a bit like snuggling up to a kitty-momma. You might also want to introduce a dedicated scratching area before your inquisitive kitty introduces herself to your sofa! Grrr-eat!

4. Like children, kittens need play!

It creates a bond and is a great way of socializing your kitten. And like children, the simplest things can bring the biggest joy. Anything from a scrumpled up news paper, an old sponge, a bouncy ball or a sock with your hand inside will bring joy to the cat and help her to settle.


And if you don’t want your kitty to play with your plants, use double sided sellotape around the stems. Cats don’t like sticky claws. Oops!

5. Litter tray training

If when training your kitten or cat to use the litter tray, you find your lil’ fur baby don’t want to use that tray, simply move it to the place where they had their last accident. When they get used to it, you can find a new place for it. Although remember, nobody likes to poop in public! Find a secluded place where they can go in privacy and never put it to close to their food or water.

6. Special kitten food

Stick with the recommended kitten food, as your kitty still has their baby teeth and so can’t swallow or bite big lumps. For now, fine dining is best for kitty.

For more great tips and advice have a look here, and remember to always make your kitty feel at home with lots of positive experiences.

Here’s wishing you and your new fur family and long and happy life together.