While we can cool off by jumping in the pool or sipping an iced tea, our fur-babies struggle to stay chilled as temperatures soar. Yep, it sure can be hot wearing a fur coat all year around – but there are things we can do to help keep your cat cool. Cat in a Flat takes a look.

Here are our favourite tips for cooling a cat:

Make catsicles.

Easy to make, these popsicles for cats are a tasty, cooling treat. All you need to do is place wet cat food in the bottom of a plastic cup or ice-cube tray and freeze it overnight. Then, tip it out onto the feeding tray. Yum!

Let your cat drink from a dripping tap.

We do NOT want to encourage water wastage, but on those extra hot days it sometimes helps to keep a tap dripping ever so slightly. This way your kitty will have a source of fresh, cool water to sip. It will help keep your cat cool. Alternatively, make sure there are extra water bowls dotted around the house.

Add water to their cat food. 

Keeping food more moist than usual is a simple way to keep your cat hydrated.

Give your cat a place to chill

Always make sure there is a shady spot with a draft. Cool stone floors or walls are always popular. Move your kitty’s favourite cushions there if necessary. Close the curtains to keep the sun out.

Ice, ice baby. 

Fill a water bottle with ice and put it in the freezer overnight. The next day, take it out and cover in a towel, before placing it in your fur baby’s favourite spot. You can also pop an ice-cube in your cat’s water bowl before you head out. 

All easy to do, these are worth the effort to keep our cats cool – after all we are here to serve!

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