The lovely Ayden works in the art department for TV & film, she is also a part time blogger. In her cat sitter diary Ayden tells us all about why she loves cats and how cat sitting has nicely fitted around her busy lifestyle…

Why did you want to become a cat sitter?

Due to the nature of working in TV, I can often find myself with days or weeks off in between jobs. I absolutely love blogging but I was keen to get out and about more on my days off (rather than sitting in front of the computer all day) and I’m a crazy animal loving lady… so when I stumbled across Cat in a Flat it seemed like fate!

How big of a cat-lover are we talking? When and why did you get your first cat?

I am a cat lady through and through! We’ve always had cats in our family home, and when I was 23 and living in my own place got my first cat, Dexter. A few years later, I ended up fostering a 3 week old wild cat who was abandoned by his mother and left for dead. Despite my plans to put him up for adoption however 3 years later –  Binx is still here! I have a portrait tattoo of Dexter on my thigh, so I think I’ll need to get a little momento for Binx soon too. Dexter is named after the TV show (forensics expert/serial killer Dexter Morgan) and Binx is named after Thackery Binx from the 90’s film Hocus Pocus.

What is your favourite cat breed?

I don’t really have any favourite breed when it comes to cats! I do have a soft spot for Ragdolls however (that’s what Dexter is) as they are so laid back, almost like dogs. Most people who come to my house saying they don’t really like cats, always end up having their mind changed by Dexter.

Who is your favourite cat, fictional or real and why is this?

My favourite fictional cat has got to be Garfield. He loves sleeping, food and coffee, and hates Monday’s and raisins! So he’s pretty much my spirit animal down to a T.

Do you ever feel any sadness when leaving your furry clients upon their owners’ return?

I do! Just as I really start to bond with the cats and establish a good routine with them, it’s often time for the sitting to end. Getting booked for a 2nd and 3rd time with clients is always great fun, catching up with their cats is like hanging out with a buddy you’ve not seen in ages.

Have you any funny stories with cats, either your own or ones you sit?

A few years ago I was down in Leeds getting tattooed and my flatmate looked after Dexter for me. Gary is a prop maker for TV and film so we basically had a giant unicorn head which he had sculpted (complete with a long white mane) on top of our book case. One day, Dexter decided he wanted to climb the bookcase and start grooming the unicorn hair, and let’s just say 2 weeks in the pet hospital and a £1000 vet bill later I was glad to get Dexter home. The look on the vets face when she first asked what happened and I said ‘Well, he’s been eating some unicorn hair…’ was priceless.

What would you say to someone who isn’t comfortable with the idea of strangers looking after their beloved fur baby? 

Everyone who works with Cat in a Flat is 100% checked and approved by them. Your sitter should always present you with the opportunity to meet up for a chat before the sitting, and hopefully then your mind will be put at ease. Of course if you are still not comfortable then you’re not obliged to book them. I like to keep communication flowing via text, email or phone calls with my clients (whatever they prefer) and always invite them to connect with me on social media too so they can get to know me as much as possible before and during the sitting.


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