The day to celebrate our kitties is almost here, as if we needed another excuse! The world celebration of all things feline, International Cat Day, takes place on Saturday 8 August. To mark the occasion Cat in a Flat has taken a deep dive into our kitty data. Read on to find out the UK’s most cat-loving town, top kitty names, and who wins the Oxford versus Cambridge cat race. 

International Cat Day is on 8 August

What is International Cat Day?

The International Fund for Animal Welfare created International Cat Day in 2002, which takes place every year on 8 August. Since its inception, the event’s mission has been to raise awareness of cat welfare, safety and understanding. This year charitable organisation International Cat Care has taken over custodianship of the event and wants to use the occasion to promote cat happiness around the world. 

Talking of happiness, it’s clear that in the UK, cats make us smile. Indeed, we like cats so much that there are now more kitties (10.9m) than dogs (9.9m) kept as pets. But where are all of these cats prowling around? 

Cat in a Flat has looked at the data behind our community of cat sitters and owners to find out, and here are the results.

Spoil your cat rotten this International Cat Day
Spoil your cat rotten this International Cat Day

The cat facts

  1. The city with the highest density of cat lovers is Brighton. The arty seaside community is lucky enough to have the most cats per person of anywhere in the UK. 
  2. St Albans is a hidden gem for cat lovers. The ancient cathedral city is known for its Roman ruins, but should also gain renown for its surprisingly high number of kitties per person.
  3. It’s one of the UK’s fiercest rivalries, but there is a clear winner when it comes to which of Oxford and Cambridge likes cats the most. Cambridge takes the crown in this race with a higher number of feline fanciers per capita.
  4. The most northerly cat lovers we found on our books are on the beautiful Isle of Lewis, in the Western Isles of Scotland.
  5. In the south, there are cats in every corner – and sitters to go with them. We found cat carers across the country from St Ives in Cornwall to Broadstairs in Kent. 
  6. Cat lovers in the Scottish capital can expect the biggest International Cat Day celebrations in the country. That’s because, after London, Edinburgh has the most kitty lovers – a bonnie fact for Scottish cat lovers. 
  7. Back in London, the postcode with the highest number of cat lovers is N16. Fortunate Stoke Newington locals get to live among a clowder of kitties and cat friends.
  8. Finally, 58% of kitties are indoor cats. 
Poppy, Luna or Charlie? Find out the top UK cat names

Top UK cat names

To celebrate International Cat Day, Cat in a Flat also looked into which were the most popular monikers for our furry friends. The days of Fluffy and Mittens topping the polls seem to be over, though those names remain classics, of course. And many of the top names are ones usually reserved for women: perhaps less surprising when you learn that 51% of cats in our community are female. The most popular cat names are:

  1. Luna – this name comes from the Roman goddess who represents the moon. It’s perfect for celestial beings of unrivalled beauty and grace, i.e. cats.
  2. Charlie – a classic cat name for the cheeky chappy, or chapess in your life. 
  3. Bella – the ideal name for the most beautiful being that you know: your cat. 
  4. Tilly – this name is a shortening for Matilda, which means “strength in battle” so it’s an excellent choice for kitties who never want to stop playing, or attacking your feet at night.
  5. Poppy  the name of a beautiful, colourful and delicate flower and for the furry ball asleep on your bed. 

Whatever their name, International Cat Day is an opportunity to spoil your kitty. Luckily, this year’s event takes place on a Caturday Saturday, so there’s no excuse for not treating your furry friend to some quality time and treats. Your kitty deserves all the ear scritches, tummy rubs, catnip and playtime in the world for being a loyal furry family member. And remember, if you are away this International Cat Day; make sure to remind your cat sitter to spoil your fur baby on your behalf! 

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