Do you love cats and have some spare time? Are you reliable, friendly and polite? Then you are well placed to consider becoming a cat sitter.


But what exactly do you need to know to become a good cat sitter?


Cat sitting can be a very rewarding job. Before you get started, here are some important points for you to consider;

  • Usually you will be required to visit the cat in their home once or twice a day for 20-30 min*.
  • The visits will include feeding, litter box maintenance, play and cuddle time!
  • Some owners may be keen to pay for an overnight stay. If availability allows, you could be more of a live-in cat sitter.
  • You should have some form of vetting process which provides reassurance to cat owners. If you are not already, it is good to consider being police checked. This provides added peace of mind for cat owners.
  • You should have your own bank account as payment goes through the online booking system directly to your bank.
  • For insurance reasons, you should be 18 years or older.

* Unless otherwise arranged, the travel time to your cat sitting job is not part of the booking time or payment. So, please always check the distance before accepting the job.

01 What are the benefits of becoming a cat sitter?


  • Cat sitting care can take place before and after normal working hours. So it will not likely interfere with your day job.
  • As a cat-sitter you are able to set your own rates and availability.
  • If the cat you are going to take care of is familiar with children, with the owners’ permission, you may be able to bring your child with you.
  • If you have a child they may get the opportunity to learn how to interact with new pets. Helping them understand the responsibility of caring for them.
  • You will get to know families within your neighbourhood and have the chance to forge great lifelong bonds with their cats.
  • And of course the supplementary income might be a nice top-up to your household expense.

02 What are the traits of a fantastic cat sitter?


  • It is hugely important that you are reliable and organised.
  • Replying quick and polite in your communication supports the above traits.
  • Understanding how important the cats’ routine is and ensuring you provide as much familiarity and reassurance to them as well as their owners.
  • The ability to demonstrate responsibility and be security conscious of your client’s home.
  • When it comes to additional skills being able to administer medications in both tablet and liquid form is extremely helpful.
  • Although the cat is your boss, each cat owner has their own ways and expectations. Remember to apply your service with great understanding and respect for all the different needs of every owner.

03 Introductions to your cat clients –  The meet and greet


As part of the service you will be asked to meet the cat and the owner before the sitting starts. This is usually an unpaid courtesy visit. And as first impressions count we have put together a few must-do tips:

  • Always wear a change of clothing if you are visiting multiple cats on the same day or have your own cats at home. Cats are very perceptive in their sense of smell and sniffing a strange cat as well as a strange person is not the best greeting.
  • Let the cat approach you; do not force your attention on the cat. It may take more than one visit to achieve this.
  • If you are caring for a cat that goes outdoors, try arranging a time to visit when the cat will likely be inside the home.
  • Conduct yourself calmly with no loud talking or sudden movements.
  • Be polite and attentive. Listen to the questions of the cat owner and answer when required.
  • If you have the impression that vital information about the cat care has not yet been shared, don’t be shy to ask questions yourself.
  • To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure you get the feeding, watering, cleaning, and cat toilet instructions well explained.
  • Always check the locking system with the owner – some doors can be tricky.

We look forward to welcoming you as a cat sitter at Cat in a Flat =^.^=

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