We’re all looking for ways to help improve our work-life balance. Luckily these days there are loads of great companies out there with brilliant services from food to fashion to pet-tech to the gig-economy, that are helping us find wellness and betterment.

You are what you eat

If you are tired of the same quick ready meal food and feel guilty for your lack of curiosity when eating, try Hellofresh.com — it delivers zingingly fresh ingredients straight to your door. With yummy recipes to follow, this is a fun way to eat healthy without the hassle of dusting off a cookbook or tracking down the star anise. Enjoy delicious, nutritious dinners daily.



Shopping break

We’ve all been there. Rushing through the busy high street during our short lunch breaks, and trying to update our wardrobe while others relax in the park enjoying their lunch. Have you tried Thread.com yet? By matching you to top stylists, it helps you to enjoy your well deserved lunch hour with Mindfulness and look good at the same time.



Be frugal with fun

When you are working hard, time flies and too often we look back at the last month only to realise that there’s been very little me-time, not to mention the lack of social life. We know money is tight, but there are ways to have a good time on a budget; YPlan has great suggestions on how to uncover the best events in your city and frugl.com is for those who want to have a good time without having to break the bank.



Cuddles for Money

It’s been proven that owning a pet protect you from heart diseases. So why not balance out the stress of work with kitty cuddles or walking dogs? If you like fresh air and a bit of exercise, join borrowmydoggy.com. Or, if you are the more cosy, stay at home type, why not look after a kitty through catinaflat.com — and best of all you get a supplementary income by being paid to do what you love. Suddenly your wardrobe refresh is in reach 😉