It’s Christmas! Well, nearly 😉. It’s that time of the year when we’re thinking about our loved ones and what will bring a big smile to their faces on Christmas day… Or at the very least, panicking that we’ve not been thinking about it at all and hastily scribbling to-do lists! So, we thought we’d give you a hand with the planning, and make sure your best and furry friend isn’t left out of the fun, with our 2015 super top hot-list of pressie ideas for The Discerning Cat! Yay! — baubles all round.


So, here’s the good stuff:

(1) Bow Tie £20.99 by Cat in Berlin

(2) Card Shark Den £16.50 by Nala Cat

(3) Doggie Scratch Sculpture £455 by Erik Stehmann

(4) Buffalo Mouse £4.99 by Cat Frenzy

(5) Yellow Cat Home £178 by StayStay

(6) Thrive 100% Real Chicken Cat Treats £21.50 by Thrive

(7) Chunky Wool Cat Basket £68.08 by Ohhio

(8) Cat Scratch Cottage £55 by KrabHuis

(9) Finches £3.99 by Cat Frenzy

(10) Catnip Sardines £10.21 by Miso Handmade

(11) Cat DJ

Scratch Master £20 by Not On The Highstreet

(12) Customisable Cat Castle Blocks £49.95 by Poopy Cat

(13) Orange Egg Cat Bed or Litter Tray £63 by Poopoopeedo

(14) Make It — Blue Cat Den or Secret Litter Tray by Kattenbakkist (Hit Translate for English version).

(15) Make It — Organic Cat Treats by PopSugar

(16) Make It — Suitcase Cat Bunk on Legs by Instructables

(17) Spider £3.99 by Cat Frenzy

(18) Laser Pointer £4.99 by Cat In A Flat. Pre-order from

(19) Bow Tie £20.99 by Cat in Berlin

(20) Lion Mane £9.58 by Bonanza

(21) Belly Rubs! By Cat in a Flat. Become a cat sitter and not only get belly rubs for free but get paid as well — amazing!

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