Cats are territorial creatures – the familiar nooks and crannies of home give them a sense of comfort and security. Because of this, moving house can be a stressful time for your cat.

Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth move to a new home with your cat.

01 Pack a kitty bag

Pack a kitty bag with all her familiar things, and have them accessible straight after the move. Before you load your furniture into the van, put your cat in a secure room so that she doesn’t get frightened by all the commotion.

02 Find a quiet room for your cat

When you get to the other side, put her in a quiet room, with all her favourite toys, your worn jumper and a calming Feliway Diffuser. Keep the door closed and let your familiar scents help keep your kitty calm while you lug the furniture in.


03 Keep your cat indoors

Having just moved, keep your cat indoors for at least two weeks so that she is certain that this is home. Maintain the routines of the old house to keep a sense of familiarity. Before you let her out, make sure your cat is tagged or micro-chipped and that this is updated with her new address. When you open the door for the first few times, always stay nearby and do it just before feeding – if she’s hungry you should be able to entice her back with tasty treats.

04 New neighbourhood, new cat sitters

As you familiarize yourself with your new neighbourhood, why not find out about local pet care services and cat sitters? It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours – the love for cats can be an easy subject to bond over.


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