We offer both flat sitting and a drop in service!

House sitting is a great alternative to the usual drop-in cat sitting service.

The sitter will stay overnight, giving your cat cuddles galore while you’re away – perfect for the kitty that needs extra human attention and care such as mature cats or young kittens. Your house will look occupied while you’re gone and there will be someone there to water the plants and pick up the mail. A lot of our cat sitters are happy to travel just to stay at your home and care for your cat, so it can be a great solution if you don’t have a sitter in your local area. It’s all part of today’s sharing economy!

Drop-in cat sitting is a more flexible way to do it.

Sitters can come once or twice a day. Whatever suits you best. If your cat is mostly happy on its own and just needs the occasional cuddle, then having a drop-in sitter works well. They will make sure they follow your instructions about feeding, replacing the litter tray, and playing with Mr Whiskers, but they will also collect the post, open and close curtains or lights, if required.

With either option your kitty will be in great hands and can continue to enjoy the comforts of his own sock-drawer while you’re away. 

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