When planning to go on a trip, organising cat care is top of the list for kitty parents. It can be hard to decide what level of attention Mr Whiskers will need while you’re away, however. Many cat owners also don’t realise how many cat sitting options are available to meet you and your kitty’s requirements. To help you decide on the kind of cat sitting service you want to book, read Cat in a Flat‘s article below.

Cat in a Flat offers both house sitting and a daily drop-in cat sitting service!

Overnight cat sitting is a great service for needier cats

Why an overnight cat sitter might be the best service for you and your cat

Overnight house sitting is an excellent alternative to the usual daily drop-in cat sitting service. The service is ideal for cats that need extra attention. Cats are creatures of habit and can get stressed or even ill if their owners go away. An overnight pet sitting service is a fantastic option for nervous and needy cats who need extra cuddles, playtime and care while you’re absent. Elderly kitties, young kittens and cats with medical issues will especially benefit from the extra human company and supervision. You can search the Cat in a Flat database for cat minders experienced in administering medication, and even injections! Purrfect for wobbly cats who need a safe and caring pair of hands while their owner is on holiday. 

Overnight sitters will arrive every evening and will sleep in your home, leaving again in the morning. You could even ask a cat carer who works from home to spend their days at your home too: it’s a flexible service and cat sitters would be delighted to discuss individual requirements. A huge benefit to owners is that your house will look occupied while you’re away. You can also ask your cat sitter to water the plants and pick up the mail. Some sitters will even be happy to care for other pets, but please discuss all tasks before booking. 

A lot of cat sitters are happy to travel further afield for an overnight booking than for a daily, drop-in service. So it can be a great solution if you don’t have a cat nanny in your local area.

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Playtime is an important part of a cat-sitting service
Playtime is an important part of a cat-sitting service

Will my cat be happy with a daily, drop-in cat sitting service?

If cat owners book a daily cat sitter, they can ask them to come once or twice a day. As with all cat sitting services, it’s flexible, and you can adapt the booking to what suits you best. 

If your cat is healthy, secure and pretty happy on his own, a drop-in service is a great option. Cat sitters will always go further than just refilling bowls and cleaning litter trays. Even an independent cat needs a cuddle, someone to talk to (or meow at) and some playtime every day. Always meet your carer before you go away to brief them on your cat’s routine and preferences. Cat sitters will then follow your instructions about feeding Mr Whiskers, when to replacing the litter tray, and his favourite toys. Most cats will get stressed if there’s too much change to their environment or routine so cat carers will try and avoid disruption as much as possible. 

As well as cat care, a daily pet sitter can also collect your post, open and close curtains, switch lights on and off, and even water the plants if required. Discuss everything with your cat sitter before you go away to make sure the level of service required is clear.  

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You and your cat are in safe hands

With either cat sitting service, your kitty will receive loving, professional care and can continue to enjoy the comforts of their own home while you’re away. Many cats find the strange environment, other cats and unfamiliar smells of catteries or boarding houses stressful. Keeping your cat at home means you can return to a happy kitty whose only concern is that they missed you

Cat owners who want to know that their furry friend is happy while they are away should arrange with their cat sitter to receive daily updates, including photographs and messages. Whichever service you book, all of our cat sitters are covered by our Cat in a Flat Guarantee, so you know you’re in safe hands. 

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