Love it! When the days are getting longer and you find yourself spending far too long thinking about what to wear because the weather has still not quite decided ‘Should I stay below 10 degrees and rain or should I creep into the 20s with sunshine?

Well, that’s the time when you should start thinking about your summer holiday plans.

If you haven’t decided yet or you are still uncertain…you can always spin the globe and see where your finger points you to…

As we all know, preparation is King!

Here are some of our favourite tips and apps to help with that all important holiday planning:

01 The City hopper

If you do not want to leave your holiday experience to the recommendations of others, but prefer taking faith into your own hands you probably already know Great for planning your own itinerary with your friends.
If you prefer leaving your itinerary to the experts, Lonely Planet has great curated city guides. For some awesome insider tips, check out CoolHunting Travel.


02 The Globetrotter

If your chosen destination requires long haul flights, make sure you have the LoungeBuddy app that is connected to over 2000 airport lounges — it will have you sorted in no time.


03 The Settler

We all know or for great affordable places and love it big time. But always read the reviews, check out how recent they are, read the best and the worst….you sometimes find that the worst is criticising a point that you can live with which makes the review less relevant.


04 The Planner

Or are you more a person that follows the allure of your latest flight offers in your inbox… has a nice little widget that scans the flights for the cheapest prices and sends you little reminders when the prices have dropped.

Prepay Foreign Currency cards WeSwap and Revolut always come in handy.


05 The Pet Owner

For those who have pets to take care of, check out Cat in a Flat or Borrow my Doggy. Great pet loving and insured online communities that can’t wait to take care of your fur babies while you’re away.

And if you love your pet sooooo much, you can barely be apart and have the extra cash… there is PetCube which allows you to stay in touch with your furry friend via your phone.


06 The Gadget lover

Dress to impress your smartphone with some super smart travel gadgets.
Your personal translator: google translate app
The app that packs for you: Packpoint
Traveling as a woman: Getmagpie
And for even more great travel apps – check out ProductHunt


However you plan and get to your holiday destination, we hope you have a great trip — you deserve it!