When going on holiday, there’s sooo much to remember. Passports, tickets, suntan lotion. And as we run out of time, our fur babies run the risk of being just a note on the to-do list… Well, there is another way. Rather than have your holiday begin like Home Alone, let a lovely cat sitter take care of your cat. (And if it’s absolutely not possible for your cat to stay at home, pet care services such as a cattery could be the next best option.)

Here’s a list of what to prepare, so you can be sure your feline friend is happy and safe in your absence.

Plan Ahead:

  • Booking a cat sitter in advance is a super easy way to begin a stress free holiday:
  • Arrange to meet your cat sitter a few days in advance, showing them your cat’s routine and give them a set of keys.
  • Call your vet ahead of time and leave a credit card number in case of emergency. Double check your cats are wearing their identification collars
  • Let your neighbours know you’ll be away and that a cat sitter will be visiting. If you can, leave a spare key with them or a friend incase of an unforeseen circumstance.


Just before you leave:

  • Lock windows and doors and adjust the thermostat to a desired temperature level suitable for your kitty.
  • Be sure any potentially dangerous items are put away so your curious kitty doesn’t get into them in your absence.
  • Pop everything the cat sitter will need in one area – food, toys, cleaning products, and treats.
  • Make sure you’ve left the sitter with clear instructions and emergency contacts.
  • Consider getting a few new toys for your kitty to help keep boredom at bay. A Kong Cat Wobbler or Senses Play Circuit would provide hours of fun entertainment for a kitty.
  • If your cat is especially nervous around strangers, set up a Feliway Diffuser, it releases a comforting, synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, creating a calming, stress free environment for your cat.


Then relax.

Phew, it’s not so much to remember after all – the rest the cat sitter will do. And, with daily photos of your moggie’s antics, you’ll enjoy peace of mind each day you’re away too.