Cat in a Flat offers so much more than just hours of kitty cuddles and streams of kitty photos – even though these are important too 🙂

1. Pampered Cats

“For when kennels just don’t cut the mustard, Cat in a Flat offers cat-care in your own home.”

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2. The best way to get your kitty fix if you don’t own a pet

“Cat in a Flat is a little like BorrowMyDoggy, only it’s a network of cat owners and cat sitters.”

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3. A great way to make some extra income – #bestjobintheworld

If you love animals, house sitting might be a great alternative to the responsibilities and restrictions of full-time pet care. Get paid to stay stay in lovely homes while enjoying spending time with your new furry friend.

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4. An alternate office space with a furry friend to keep you company

Cat in a Flat is the perfect solution for all cat lovers out there looking for a new working environment a couple of times a month – The cats home becomes your office, and you get paid to look after the cat.

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