A new employment shift triggered by the emerging sharing and on-demand economy has resulted in more self-employment and micro entrepreneurs. In particular, the Millennials are showing a growing trend in looking for a chance to make their own way. They seek a live-work balance using technology and services from the sharing economy, such as UpworkUber and TaskRabbit and contributing to the fast increasing crowdworking sector.

… in the past workers had one job for life, millennials will have 6 jobs at the same time. The Guardian

While traditional companies have to allow a more ‘remote friendly’ work arrangement in order to retain talents, workplaces and co-working offices have to meet the demand of today’s diverse, lean thinking, flexible workforce.

No wonder platforms such as Spacehop.com , vrumi.com and officeriders.com are popping up everywhere offering hot-desk-like solutions targeting the growing army of freelance workers, looking for cool, short-term, co-working spaces for a small charge.

According studies form to the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

‘a substantial number are also using these platforms to do work in other people’s homes’

Great stuff… but what if we could add the perfect way to destress to your new working environment? What could be more calming than a purring kitten sitting on your lap while writing your next big novel or doing your boring accounts?

Cat in a Flat is the first (cat-loving) sharing platform that not only offers you a hot-desk but a cat to cuddle, too. The cats home becomes your office, and you get paid to look after the cat.


Whether you call it sharing economy, collaborative economy, on demand economy Cat in a Flat is the perfect solution for all cat lovers out there looking for a new working environment a couple of times a month.