Cat-sitting is the best job in the world! These are our top five tips on how to be a purr-fect pet-sitter, giving owners peace of mind and keeping your furry ‘boss’ happy while their humans are away.


1. The best cat-sitters are great communicators! Respond as speedily as you can, proving that you’re reliable, trustworthy and easy to get hold of. From first enquiry to checking the owner has returned home safely, keep in touch throughout the booking.

2. Meet up a few days before to get to know the needs of your new furry client. Suss out the practicalities such as where the poop-scoop is, as well as the unique quirks of your newest fluffy friend –  where is his favourite hiding place, does she like her belly tickled, do they play outside? Take a moment to ask if there’s anything else the owners would like taken care of, such as bringing in the post and watering plants. Having been through a thorough checklist, cat owners will go away very happy, knowing that they’ve found the purr-fect personal assistant for their furry friend.

3. As well as sorting food and litter trays daily, make sure there’s lots of cuddle time! Give pampering, cat massages and generally keep Mr. Whiskers entertained. Kitties are always more up for chin tickles and playing before feeding. Have toys in your bag – mice on a string and laser pointers are a Cat in a Flat favourite! Offer to stay a little longer – use this time to watch a movie, read a book, or study while you keep the boss company.

4. Send daily cat-selfies of Mr. Whiskers to owners through social networks or via email and texts. These pictures and messages from your visits, help owners feel confident that their fabulous furry friends are being pampered and adored (of course!)

5. Star sitters always finish with a flourish! It’s the little touches that make cat owners beam. Things like hoovering up litter, tidying the toys, or leaving behind a packet of yummy treats. Creative and caring, our community is brilliant at these special touches. One of our star sitters returns keys in an envelope stamped with a little paw print. Paw-some!

For even more tips and tricks have a look in the Forms & Tips section of your profile.

Happy Cat Sitting!



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