A big issue at this time of the year, for the felines amongst us, is, ‘Staff Xmas Holiday Replacement Cover’. When the humans start packing for the annual Christmas dash to the in-laws, cats everywhere start to wonder ‘So, who’s going to feed me then? And what if I need a belly rub!’.

To solve this problem, a group of enterprising cats have taken up the cause themselves, to bring snacks and cuddles to furry friends in need this Christmas, by investing directly in Cat in a Flat! Yes, if there’s anyone more serious about investments than a ‘Dragon’ it’s got to be a Cat — and these furry pioneers call you to join them! With crowdfunding site Crowdcube, now any cat (or their human) can join the mission to spread love and cuddles to felines around the UK whose human staff are off on their seasonal holidays. Yes!


Here at Cat In the Flat we are so happy to be able to be advised by this amazing panel of pioneering business-cat shareholders, who, like any feline, know exactly what they want from our service. We look forward to serving their command!

If your cat would like to join Cat in a Flat as a shareholder, you can find us here on Crowdcube. After all, the world is better when cats are in charge 😉

May we also introduce our most recent and distinguished investors — including the eminent Eddie, Little Miss, and Nelson. Join the revolution!


Eddie — The thoughtful, ethical investor. Wants to give back to his community.


Little Miss — A shining star in cat politics. Fights for the rights of cats to stay at home for xmas.


Nelson — He likes his milk shaken not stirred. Every respectable cat needs a good butler and valet on hand at all times.

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