When it comes to our beloved furry friends, anything that will give us peace of mind while we are away, is worth it. Apart from daily photo updates of your precious while you’re away sunning yourself, we now offer a super duper (industry first!) cat and cat-sitter insurance included as part of the service. Essentially your cat and the cat-sitter are insured in a pay-as-you-go fashion for the duration of the booking.

Some people call it micro insurance, other’s call it Peer-to-Peer Insurance.

Here’s how it works:

For the cat (and owners peace of mind).

Whilst being pampered, played with, and cat-treated until they can eat no more, they are also completely covered if. Once their sitter has tucked them in for the night, they invite that tabby from next door round for a pint of milk and things ‘get a little out out of hand’. Or if they manage to get lost on the way home from the catnip bar, or even hurt themselves in a ‘breakdancing accident’ on the kitchen lino after a few ‘milk shakes’ — we’ve got them covered.

For the cat-sitters.

We don’t do those expensive monthly flat rate insurance fees. Which is excellent news! Whether you have 2 or 10 furry clients, for a handful of days or every day of the month, you pay only for the duration of each booking. Pay-as-you-sit! A fair system for all cat-sitter entrepreneurs.

What’s included.

Our high-end pet care package offers:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Legal Costs
  • Care & Custody of the Cat
  • Loss of Keys

For the legal eagles here’s the full T’s & C’s.

Essentially, at Cat in a Flat Mr Whiskers is fully insured while in the care of one of our lovely cat-sitters. We don’t, however, insure your home for theft while you are away.

We always say it’s important for cats and sitters to meet a couple of days beforehand . That way the furry ‘boss’ can approve of the choice of his ‘personal assistant’ while their owner is away.

Always good to keep ‘The Boss’ happy 😉